01 What video editing software do you use?

Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

02 How many reviews do you allow?

You can ask for as many reviews as you want. However, each subscription plan comes with its own review count. Most of the time, a video gets better after the first revision.

03 How do I know that I will get quality video editing services?

A look at our portfolio will give you an outlook on our services and quality. For further details, you can get in contact with our Project Manager and discuss over email or call.

04 Do you outsource your video work to third-parties?

No, we carry all the video editing work in-house. A team of specialist videographers and editors work to meet your expectations.

05 Do you have customer support?

Yes. Feel free to reach out via email or phone.

06 My footage is non-professional, can you work with it?

Yes, this is what VidBuilders are about. We work on non-professional videos all the time. We polish, reinvent, and simplify for an engaging viewing experience.

07 My video is 2-hour long, do you work on longer videos?

Sure, why not. The duration of the video can be unlimited, but the final version of the video may not be as long as its original form. For further details, you can check our pricing or get in touch via email to get a quote.

08 Can you add music to my video?

Yes. We use a licensed music platform to add music to videos so there are no copyright issues later on. Our video editing services rejuvenate the footage to make it all the more manageable.

09 Do you use stock videos and images?

Yes, we have subscriptions to sites with stock photos and video clips to add the right flavor to your footage. In fact, they add up to the professionalism of your video!

10 How do I reach you and share my video?

The process is simple. Share your video via Google Drive, SHAREit, Dropbox, or any other service. We edit the video, address your concerns as neatly as possible, and get back to you with the first version. Until we get it right and you are 100% satisfied with it, we keep working on it.

11 My video is shaky and unclear, can you work with it?

Yes. We work on videos where the person with the camera is on the move. It takes some time to eliminate errors and stabilize movement to come up with a better copy. Once done, we’ll share the first cut with you and keep working on it until you are satisfied.