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VidBuilders is a professional video editing agency website. We encourage our users to review all terms and conditions before using this website. By accessing this website, you agree to the terms of usage. All the provided information and services through ‘VidBuilders’ subject to the conditions mentioned below.


We update our information from time to time. Visit our terms & conditions to know the relevant changes. We reserve the right to modify, amend or withdraw any information or service, available on VidBuilders, without any notice. Moreover, we may restrict access to some parts of this website.

Information Usage 

VidBuilders provides information regarding video editing services and post-production specialties and video marketing solutions. We require video footage from clients, other materials, and content necessary to produce quality video content and a description of the project.

VidBuilders should not be considered as an error-free website, although we aim to provide you with the most updated information and reliable services. We, being the video editing service provider, get in touch with you when required.

“VidBuilders”, its faculty, and administration holds no responsibility for any action or reaction, either incurred directly or indirectly, based on the material (information, service) on this website. Your information is subjected to all claims and services.

Service Delivery

The services will be conveyed to you as per the briefing concurred at the beginning of the task either through brainstorming sessions or documentation.

We will create master video content for your project. If you require duplicates, an extra fee will apply. A different citation will be given for the creation of extra duplicates.

Time duration of the service delivery may vary depending on the type of tasks and are not considered final.

Content Policy

We ensure to provide accurate information and content regarding video editing services. However, there can be any anonymous issue, and we reserve the right to refuse any service anytime. Moreover, there can be variations to a particular service and it may vary from expected or unrealistic standards.


The contributors to this website are required to disclose any benefit or financial matters, related to this website. All the information on this website is provided without any warranty as to the accuracy. We don’t claim any responsibility for any incident, caused by the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the content.

Intellectual Property Rights

The company holds all current and potential patent rights, copyright rights, moral rights, service mark rights, trademark, trade secret rights, and other intellectual property. Our services also align with the said rights and registrations, extensions, and renewals under the laws of the territory, country, and state, or other jurisdiction.

User Contributions 

Users are not allowed to post any content on this website, that is, threatening, harmful, abusive, or violates privacy, publicity, and property rights of others or the company. You are not allowed to enter any illegal information. You cannot use this site to sell or promote your products or services to others.

We have no responsibility for any material, posted by users and have the right to delete any information, present on this site.

Warranty Disclaimer

The team of vidbuilders.com denies all claims and implied warranties for the information, services, and material on this site. We don’t claim for accuracy, usefulness, and completeness of any information on this site. We are not responsible for damage whatsoever, with the use of our information and services.

CopyRight Policy

All information and content on this website, i.e, images, text, and graphics are the property of vidbuilders.com and are protected by the USA and international laws. All of the material is allowed to access, download, and print for non-commercial use. ‘VidBuilders’ is a registered website, and its material is not to be used without prior permission.

We render video editing services for creating a video project for our clients. Clients send us their media files and our editors edit the project into a video.

Your Account Information

Your account at VidBuilders enables you to access (view and download) our services.

 You have access and control over your profile and the interactions with us (Team VidBuilders).

 If you make a profile on our website on behalf of another individual or organization, then:

(a) “You” means both you and the company or individual you represent

(b) You acknowledge that you are authorized by the entity to act on their behalf and agree on the Terms on behalf of the entity, and can come in contact with us. 

In case you connect VidBuilders with a third party allows our team to access and utilize your data from the service point-of-view as requested even if we have to store your login credentials for the provision of service.

Moreover, sharing your email address with VidBuilders means that you offer consent to the usage of your email address to send you service-related notices. If you do not wish to happen this, kindly contact us with customer support.

The user must provide accurate and complete information for creating an account. We encourage users to use strong account passwords to support our privacy policies. 

 One user cannot access another’s account without their permission.

If you experience any security breach for your account, kindly inform our customer support as soon as possible. VidBuilders does not hold any liability for any losses incurred in an unfortunate situation.


 You certify that the required services do not intend to violate any laws or third-party rights.

 You agree that the content does not cause any loss or harm to any individual or property.

The content may not possibly create any emotional distress, physical or mental injury, disability, disfigurement, or death to yourself or anyone. The client also certifies that the shared content does not have any unlawful, defamatory, abusive, racially or ethnically abusive, offensive, incorrect or outdated, criminal, infringing, invasive of publicity rights, or personal privacy content.

The user agrees to post or share content that is not infringed on third-party rights of any kind.


 A client can request two minor revisions that are included in the package price. In case of further revisions, a fee will be charged. 

 In case of dissatisfaction, the user can request for change within five calendar days of the draft posting.

During the revision process, we reserve the right to ask the client for the full payment before the project or the asked revisions.

In case of any inconvenience from the client or unforeseen situations, VidBuilders may terminate the project.


Right to Change in Terms & Conditions

The team of vidbuilders.com holds all rights to change any information and terms & conditions from time to time, or anytime. The users of this website agree to periodically visit the terms and conditions and the use of this website abide by users to follow the revised terms of use as well.

By accessing this website, you agree to all the above-mentioned terms and conditions with the acknowledgment of the limitations.