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Understanding our client’s needs and the nature of their business is our first priority at VidBuilders. We do not merely edit your video, in fact we make sure we are working on the visuals using your ideas and create something that represents you in the best possible manner.
How it works?

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Choose the plan that
suits your needs.

Step 2

Send us your
content & details.

Step 3

Review the first draft
for any revisions.

Step 4

Once you're satisfied, finalize your video.

Step 5

Download your video.
You're all done!

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Why choose a Video Editing Agency instead of a Freelancer?


As an agency, we ensure quick turnaround time. Rather than wasting precious work hours waiting for the drafts, we keep sending drafts on given deadlines to make sure there is no time lag in the job. And for all such queries, our consultants are always a call away when needed.

Guaranteed Quality

Before handing over your job to our team of specialized visual experts, we first discuss the requirements for your video with our digital marketing consultants. This results in the most relevant videos being created that reflect your purpose & goals.

Brand Identity

In the absence of quality visuals, it is hard to communicate the value that you inherit. Being a brand ourselves, we know the importance of brand building and market presence. Our videos depict professionalism and help you update your brand’s outlook.

Authentic partnership

Working with an agency comes with the perks of dealing with groups of professionals who are experts in their relative fields. Our highly specialized visualizers are equipped to cater to your dynamic needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 How do you edit videos I like to publish on my page?

Send those clips to us, and we will change them to suit your page. We happen to have the right equipment and trained personnel to do the job. It’s like looking at a video and rendering it until it changes to become your own.

02 Would I get my videos on time?

Yes, there is a time window mentioned when you complete the steps of video creation. Once, we know the time to delivery time, we bring all our resources to motion to stick with it.

03 How do you edit videos?

There is a particular software for that, and videographers and editors know how to use it. They remap the video with sound, effects, subtitles, and text turning it into a new video altogether.

04 What is the price for a 1 to 2-minute video?

The prices are mentioned in our packages section. If there are disparities left, we are available on call and text to answer your concerns. It depends on the volume of editing work more than its total time. 

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Restore public feeds with captured moments of truth and simplicity. Neatly portray on your behalf, for clarity, traction, and above all, meaning. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth more. Invite people to witness your excellence, expertise, and wisdom. They decide whether to put their trust in you or find someone else. You deserve it; they deserve it.


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I was thoroughly impressed by their video editing services. The raw footage I shared with them needed some major edits. By the end of it, they did a good job cutting and reorganizing it, into a video that had proper flow from start to finish.
Liam Gray,
They didn’t waste any time and started on my video right away. It was our vacation video with me and my bf from Hawaii. They went on to include all the locations we explored as Animations which looked great and made my random phone clips into a proper travel vlog
Savannah Ward,
Had been wondering how to highlight the dynamics of my business for online marketing during the lockdown since I had no footage, however Vidbuilders created a perfect Explainer Video from scratch using their vast Stock Footage Library.
Caroline Brooks,