Video Marketing Trends 2021: What Can We Expect?

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Video Marketing Trends 2021: What Can We Expect?

Digital media has taken over the world in the last decade. With the increase of smartphones and other devices, we have every form of entertainment at

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Digital media has taken over the world in the last decade. With the increase of smartphones and other devices, we have every form of entertainment at our fingertips.

If we had to guess which type of media is the most consumed, it would definitely be videos. We can find them everywhere, and there are so many types of them as well. We can safely say that there’s something for everyone to watch, and it has become the main reason for the popularity of video editing companies.

This consumption of content also makes it one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools of 2021. Every successful brand is going out of its way to start its own YouTube channel or TikTok account, which is currently the top video media giant for video marketing and content creation.

This way, they can share their content faster and more effectively than before. Also, this increases their engagement with their followers or audience, which leads to increased conversion rates.

Video Marketing Trends for 2021

So, without further ado, let’s get into our list of the top video marketing trends of 2021 that most video editing companies use to produce their content.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animations are amazing. They are a fun and refreshing way to consume content that is also different from the regular.

Everyone likes animated movies professionally made by video editing companies, and animated ads have considerably greater engagement than normal real-life ones. So, it’s a no-brainer to use them as a marketing practice.

Video media giants like YouTube and TikTok play an immense role in this type of marketing and reaching a larger audience.

Through these videos, brands can still promote their products and educate the masses on their usage. They also increase the levels of onboarding for a corporation.

Plus, animated videos have a few perks as well. They are attention-grabbing, rank higher in Google searches, and make things easier to understand for everyone.

Live Video Streaming

Have you ever felt the rush of joining a live stream of your favorite YouTuber? It can be fun to interact with the people whose content you consume.

But live streaming isn’t something new. It has been around for years but is especially gaining momentum in 2021. A big reason for this is the COVID-19 pandemic, which influenced our daily interactions and limited us in many ways.

A platform to especially thank for the popularity of live video streaming is Twitch TV. Gamers were the first ones there, holding live game streaming sessions. But nowadays, we can find all kinds of influencers there, like music performers, podcasters, etc.

These factors make it a good video marketing strategy, especially using “influencer magic” on their audience and followers.

360 Degree Videos

Just like everything in the digital world nowadays, video trends are also subject to constant change. But one trend that has been seen quite a lot and is quite innovative is the 360-degree videos.

They offer a level of immersion that other video forms cannot, as it almost feels like we are in the setting on the screen. And it also looks like the people are trying out the product or that experience in real-time, which is more exciting.

Of course, it requires a bit of hard work, so if you are planning on going with these, video editing companies in Ontario, California can be your savior.

Shoppable Videos

You know when we go to a store, see a product and immediately want to buy it? Well, now we can do that without even leaving our house, thanks to shoppable videos.

They let us buy what we are viewing right then and there through a button that leads the viewer straight to their online store. We can find this on multiple social media platforms, and in 2021, it is more prevalent as even big names have entered this scene.

We don’t even need to search manually for the product after we have seen it. Because by just pressing the button, we’ll get redirected to the brand’s actual landing page.

Storytelling Videos

Who doesn’t like a good story? Something that can be inspiring, immersive, or based on real-life events is what most people prefer. But nowadays, it’s all about inspiring and real-life events.

That is why we now see so many brands taking this route to advertise or sell their product. It brings about a sense of engagement with the audience that has not been there before. People tell stories that somehow incorporate the product or the service, which is brilliant as it makes everything more relatable than promotional.

It also increases our trust for the company, as it becomes more about the customer than the product.


It is definitely one of the most popular ways to communicate with the masses. And now more than ever, all kinds of brands and companies are getting into it.

Vlogs are recorded by influencers on various platforms. In them, they might be vlogging personally or with the help of a team. They record themselves to share their thoughts on something, show their viewers something they are experiencing or trying out, or interact with other people.

Major brands are now starting their own YouTube channels with the help of video editing services, which is a testament to the success of this trend as even the big names are getting into it. Their videos and vlogs deal with their products, but they show them off in a fun way, like videos of cooking, daily routines, life stories, etc. They also give updates regarding new products they might be launching or try promotions for the released ones.

Something that this has started is called Executive Influencer Marketing. In this, the brand leaders actually make influencer-style videos or vlogs to share their experiences regarding a product. It subtly promotes the products and makes them seem closer to the audience, giving them more relatability.


So there we have it, the best video marketing trends of 2021. These will for sure dominate our screens soon if they already are not doing so.

It will most likely inspire even more businesses to change their marketing strategies and consult professional video editing agencies. Because incorporating these trends may work for the better and leave them with a positive response from their audience.