Tips to Increase Views & Engagement on Facebook Videos

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Tips to Increase Views & Engagement on Facebook Videos

An analysis conducted in the early 2020s says that Facebook users watch approximately eight billion videos every single day! Imagine how much more use

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An analysis conducted in the early 2020s says that Facebook users watch approximately eight billion videos every single day! Imagine how much more users would have added to the list since then.

Facebook has emerged as an online business community. We are seeing ads, videos, and other content frequently updated on this platform. Videos, constituting a major portion of the content type, dominate this platform, and consequently, video editing services find a place to be included in this community.

Here are a few tips that professional video editing companies use to make successful Facebook ad copies.

Create FB Suitable Videos

What does it mean that you should create FB suitable videos? It means creating square videos.

With several studies done in the same sector, the results are almost the same that square videos outperform other video formats on Facebook. They get more engagement, views, and shares.

Moreover, with digitalization, smartphone users are increasing avidly. So, square videos particularly perform well on this medium.

According to Buffer statistics, ninety percent of Facebook users use Facebook via their smartphones. So, if businesses and marketing agencies create square videos, they can improve their performance.

Try to Capture Audience Attention in First 3 Seconds

Facebook offers an auto-play feature for videos. So, if you can attract your audience in the first three seconds even without sound, they are more likely to watch your content.

So, what can you do about it?

Video editors like to use great thumbnails, compelling titles/teasers, and start immediately to capture the audience.

Yes! These three easy tricks have proven to engage the audience instantly. So, while video editing, ensure your content is interestingly placed and begins without any delay.

Add Captions/Subtitles in Your Videos

The Facebook auto-play feature facilitates marketers, but most of the time, users have disabled sound or low volume. So in between these sessions, if your videos appear on their feed, how will you attract them? You simply are going to lose them.

To prevent this situation, you can add captions to your Facebook videos. FB allows the profile to add an SRT file. Or, video editing agencies can incorporate subtitles/content in the video. Interesting text placement in this regard appeals to viewers and results in high views.

Produce One Video Around One Key Point

Have you ever wondered about the elements that make a video sharable? A tip that professional video editing experts give is to not overdo a video. For instance, focus on easily understandable points.

Think of a line that shares everything in a single sentence. It is not possible, right? Then how can you expect users to understand everything in one video?

Statistics show that people share simple videos more than complex content. Video editing companies focus on another thing that is the video purpose.

Why Audience Share Facebook Videos?

They want to:

  • Be social
  • Express their opinion
  • Make their followers laugh
  • Show off their knowledge on a topic

Whatever the reason your audience has, you should hire professionals to make sense out of your video content.


These actionable tips can help you make compelling FB ads with a high number of views, engagement, and shares. Facebook is constantly evolving and offering new features for marketers and businesses. To catch new features to our benefit, video editing agencies must update marketing campaigns as per the latest trends to get high conversions.