How to Use Videos to Get Engagement On Your Blog?

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How to Use Videos to Get Engagement On Your Blog?

Video marketing in the modern era isn't like YouTube. Every day, 500 million people use Facebook to watch videos. Moreover, people want to watch diffe

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Video marketing in the modern era isn’t like YouTube. Every day, 500 million people use Facebook to watch videos. Moreover, people want to watch different videos on Snapchat.

Meanwhile, every day, Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos, and people spend 2.6 times as much time on video-rich pages as they do on non-video-rich pages. Thus, we can say that every business needs a video editing agency to broadcast its message.

People are interested in watching the videos instead of reading the text mentioned above. It is the main strategy for business marketing.

If you aren’t able to apply the videos in your blog, you’re missing a golden opportunity to deepen your connection with your customers.

Integrating video with your other marketing channels is the best way to get started, and your blog is a great place to start.

Here’s mentioned is why you should use video in your blog posts and how to do it.

Video Tutorials 

A plethora of simple and affordable screen casting tools can help you with video editing. It is especially true for software tutorials.

Video tutorials can be published on their own – as standalone WordPress posts – or in conjunction with a text tutorial.

Video Summaries

Before making the videos, you should write the main points of your WordPress article, then expand them in your video summaries.

A professional video editing company can help you in this regard.

If your strategy works out, you can get views and engagement on your blog page. Moreover, you can post a summary on YouTube with a link to the full version.

“About Us” Video

The “About Us” page is the most important and main page for all the websites. Because when the users visit your site, they judge your business through your home page and about us page.

So, if you got a website, it’s better to go with expert video editors near you and come up with content that explains your business without ambiguity.

Video Reviews Should be Shared

Video reviews should be available for almost any product imaginable and are the lifeblood of many businesses, especially in the beauty and health industries.

You should already be thanking video reviewers, but now is a good time to take it a step further and post their comments on your website.

You can either publish them as blog posts or add them to your “About Us” page as video reviews.

You can also mention it on your “Press” page and media kit if your product has been reviewed by a well-known YouTube channel.

Don’t have any video reviews? There are also online services that connect business owners and social media influencers.

You can do something similar with video testimonials if you run a service-based business.

These videos don’t have to be high-quality, and they can go on both your “About” and “Testimonials” pages.

There are two main options for adding videos to your blog. Either host them yourself or embed them onto some other website.

When you host the videos on different social channels like YouTube, the traction will be different.

On the other hand,self-hosting gets expensive fast, and YouTube gives you access to several SEO and analytics tools for free.

Other video hosting platforms are available as well, but hosting all of your videos on YouTube also gives you access to walk in the corporate world with video marketing.

Just keep the two steps in your mind, which will be helpful during the blog posting.

If it’s a video you make, you can find it by searching for it on YouTube or you can go to your “Creator Studio” and click on the appropriate video in your dashboard to display visual content to the viewers.


Video content strategy is the main source of communication between all stakeholders. It allows you to share your story and message with people across a variety of platforms. So, when you upload a video, related to your entire content, you can get a lot of engagement on your blog, provided you have the video editing agencies by your side to help you create compelling content.

Because people’s lives are so hectic, they don’t have time to read and instead prefer to watch videos. It’s better to give them what they want.