Guide to 5 Popular Types of Animated Videos for Marketing

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Guide to 5 Popular Types of Animated Videos for Marketing

Video marketing has become an important feature of the modern-day business world. Truth be told, videos professionally touched by video editing servic

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Video marketing has become an important feature of the modern-day business world. Truth be told, videos professionally touched by video editing services help gain more views and reviews.

With the audience’s attention span getting shorter and shorter just like a goldfish, businesses have no choice left other than to move towards video marketing.

Why Video Marketing is Getting Popular?

Videos are the condensed and precise form of information. Moreover, people like to consume data that is comprehensive.

Statistics show that:

  • Up to 65% of the population learns from videos better than text
  • Landing pages incorporating videos boost conversion rate by 80%
  • Up to 33% of online activity consists of video consumption

For the same reason, you see many promotional videos, testimonial videos, and other types of videos on business pages. However, we will talk specifically about animation videos in this article.

Everybody Likes Animation Videos

Animation videos are adding a new dimension to video marketing. It would not be wrong to say that these videos are quality-driven and a cheaper option for live-action production. If videos are professionally designed via video editing services, animation videos capture users’ attention instantly and are cost-effective.

Especially in this time of corona pandemic, video production with real actors in real-time can be dangerous.

Types of Animation Videos

No matter if your business is small or large, you can use different types of animation videos and showcase your abilities to the world.

2D Animation Videos

Video editing services use this kind of video to instigate emotion in viewers. It is one of the most popular types of videos that businesses use to convey the message in an animated way.

This technique of making videos is in progress for quite some time, and marketers from all around the globe use it in their marketing campaigns.

3D Animation Videos

The in-depth models constitute the 3D animation and give users a real-life experience.

Such videos are more realistic and require expert video animation skills. There are not many experts in this subject, and only professional video editing companies cater to this need.

Moreover, many businesses are using this technique to give a realistic picture of their promotional videos while being cost-effective.

Stop Motion Animation Videos

Such videos refer to animation in which different small moments are captured and moved swiftly to give an impression of movement.

It is another form of art that is popular among professional video editing services, and not to forget here that such animation is particularly useful for product explainer videos.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

You all would be very much familiar with this type of animation video. The images or text is shows via drawing on the whiteboard or blackboard. It has been used for quite some time now, and video editors are getting creative with it.

Animation Videos via Motion Graphics

In such types of videos, designers use several graphics and edit them to look animated and movable.

Often we see such animation incorporate videos through which a process is explained to the target audience. Different shapes and graphics are used to tell brand stories. And, to be honest, we all love seeing such videos.


Video marketing has become almost compulsory for every business. No matter what you sell, there is a type of video to display your expertise. While companies should consider switching towards video marketing, video editing services should be the first option to consult when in need.

Their experts are familiar with every aspect of video designing. You would not have to worry about the designing phase. Just share your content and they will deliver you with a perfect video just like we do at VidBuilders.

If you need help with video editing services, consult us to enhance the performance of your videos.


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