Animation Trends 2021 to Follow for Your Business Videos

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Animation Trends 2021 to Follow for Your Business Videos

Animations and motion graphics have always been enjoyable for people of every age. That makes them extremely powerful video marketing tools that brand

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Animations and motion graphics have always been enjoyable for people of every age. That makes them extremely powerful video marketing tools that brands can use to further their products and reach a wider audience.

Brands that use them show a very creative and refreshing side, which is why we see them hiring video editing companies in any city, be it Ontario, California, who prefer traditional marketing techniques.

Animation is an innovative way to present their services, and in 2021, it can be seen across different industries.

But just like everything else, they are subject to technological and global trends. So without further ado, let’s discuss the different types of animation and motion graphic trends rapidly rising in 2021.


This year, video editing trends are moving towards simplicity. Monochromatic and restricted color palettes, minimalist designs, basic shapes, and other elements like these are preferred. The whole vibe has very retro undertones.

Trends for 2021

Restricting Your Color Palette

In 2021, we firmly believe that less is more. That is why simple animations made with a mix of a few primary colors are here to stay. They give the whole design a very sophisticated look.

And the limited color palette that most video editing agencies use makes it seem like they came straight out of an older time.

The colors depict the mood of the characters as well, and the design is very straightforward.

Mixing 2D and 3D Animation Styles

With all the technological advancements, video editing services can now mix both 2D and 3D animation styles. Though free-hand 2D sketching is faster, the level of depth that 3D animation can create is favored. Plus, it is easier to create backgrounds with 3D.

Now we have animations created by using both 2D and 3D techniques. Complementary animation styles from both video editing types come together to make masterpieces, which shows that more than one style can easily fit into a single product.


Morphing is a style that is quickly gaining popularity in video editing companies in Ontario, California. In this, the effects and animations seamlessly transition from one scene to another, or multiple animations turn into one object. All of this can act as a visual magnet and mesmerize a person.

For this reason, they are being used in website animations as they can hold the visitor’s attention and make them spend more time on the webpage. It increases the engagement for the website as well, which is always a plus.

One thing to remember is that these animations usually work by complex video editing algorithms, which let them transition in the first place.

Using Lines

Lines are one of the primary elements of any art. They give direction, add depth, perspective, etc. This year, the lines usually seen in animations are super thin and spaced out.

Each line can be distinctively picked, which gives a hand-drawn vibe to the animation. And at the same time, the illusion of space makes it seem like the animation consists of depth, even if it is simple.

Animated Logos

Video editing companies often try to incorporate animations in different ways for businesses, though mostly they can be found in logos. It gives a whole new look to static typography and icons, bringing them to life.

Moving and morphing logos give businesses an attractive and unique quality. It makes them seem innovative, dynamic, and progressive, which is probably the goal for most companies.

Kinetic Typography

Typography-based animations are something that artists are known to avoid. It is because there is always a chance of reduced readability.

But this is the year to take up new challenges, so kinetic typography is a rapidly rising video editing trend that moves beyond conventional typography.

It allows video editing services to experiment with different text styles and typefaces. We can distort the letters, reshape them, twist them around, and so much more.

Brands that incorporate this style usually draw a wider audience and stand out, making them quite memorable for the consumers.

Vertical Animation Videos

These are actually concurrent with the rising vertical video trends that most social media platforms and applications have adopted. It is because more than a billion people in this world own a smartphone, and the way they use it directly impacts how we perceive our media.

Only a minor percentage of people turn their phones horizontally now, which shows why this trend is flourishing. So, video editing companies! Take notes if you want to explore the true potential of your video content.


Vector-based images are pretty cool on their own. But to make them look more authentic, we can add texture through the graining tool.

It gives them a rougher, natural look, making them eye-catching and closer to reality than simple images or animations.

It also gives them an edge over the competition as they are more likely to be remembered.

Self-Drawing Lines

This year we have something for everyone, and the same goes for these video editing/motion graphics trends. If you prefer designs with a calmer undertone, then this style is just for you.

It follows a simple line that moves forward and forms different figures, words, and even logos. They come into use when people want to make product-explainer videos to present a new product or make a presentation for college classes.


2021 is the year of new beginnings, innovations, and discoveries. People have made significant changes in their lives following the pandemic and are more open to perceiving the beauty in their surroundings.

Such things have impacted our art styles as well, and this is why we are seeing all these positive changes in the design and marketing industries, especially in video marketing.

Video editing companies in Ontario, California, and nationwide are more open to trying out things they wouldn’t have before, leading to highly creative results.

If you have been looking to try out animation or motion graphics for your brand, we hope this helps you understand what will best fit your vision.