Animated Videos: The Pride of Your Visual Journey

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Animated Videos: The Pride of Your Visual Journey

Would you rather spend your time defining your services to your clients? Or, would you automate the process and utilize THAT time on your business dir

Why Should Businesses Use Animated Videos?
How VidBuilders Helps You Promote Your Brand?
How to Create Stellar Product Explainer Videos?

Would you rather spend your time defining your services to your clients? Or, would you automate the process and utilize THAT time on your business directly? It is all about setting priorities straight. Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise runner, YOU know the value of time. Any time that you have, you would want to use it optimally.

Therefore, leave some of the extra work to your video editing agency.

We are talking about video creation right from the word go. That too of animation videos! The editing work with us means excellence in your business through a bunch of video types. Your video could be any of the following types: explainer, Kickstarter, testimonial, corporate, personal, or YouTube video for a specific channel.

In an age of consumerism and entertainment, people do not have time to read lengthy paragraphs online. They are short of time, and, thus, a compact video does the trick to educate, be aware, and sell at the same time.

Stats and Figures

  • A study shows that a picture is nine times more likely to be noticed by an online viewer than a simple text. Moreover, a video or visual catches 27 times more attention than text.

Not to defy your love of reading, the general public usually prefers watching a video to acquire some knowledge rather than text. Students of today would agree with this thought.

  • According to another research by Wyzowl in 2019, 87% of marketing professionals use video content to increase engagement and build trust.

Video making and editing create an environment for businesses to market right. Most video editing companies make enough money through video editing to help promote a brand. Moreover, it is their animation videos that leave a bolder mark.

  • Another survey by Wyzowl in 2018 reports that almost 8 out of 10 users have purchased software or app after watching their brand’s video.

Video making, surely, has its privileges that one cannot deny. It is seen that 96 percent of buyers turn to videos to learn more about a product or service.

Animation Videos have Come of Age

What types of videos are more in demand nowadays? Again, a question that we would love to hear an answer to. Whether you are a frequently visited bar at the end of the street or a new restaurant on the block, I’d suggest you go after animation videos from the start.

Yes, animation videos do not bear real-life visuals, instead, they are a cartoonish string of characters connected to mean something. It could be your story, or an upcoming event told in a lighter tone. Moreover, such videos are considered highly professional too. Rest assured, animation videos are considered the pride of professional video editing services.

Free Animated Video Maker vs. Paid Animated Video Maker

Since we are looking to create an impression on our audiences, it is the quality of videos that matters. Whether it is 30-second footage to describe an event or a 2-minute explainer video of services, we simply cannot compromise on quality.

Every amazing image or video animation is self-explanatory and a piece of art. The magic is the innovation of the animated video maker irrespective of its free or paid nature. Nonetheless, paid animation video makers are prone to the requests of the customers. Hence, it is where you should start too.

Where Can I Find a Good Company?

Before we move on to find an answer, we must know what animation videos actually are. Google says animation videos are figures manipulated to appear as moving images. In the traditional sense, paint was what created images; however, nowadays, they come from computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Why do they appear convincing?

For a fact, animated videos are an engaging tool to grab your audience’s interest from the get-go. The reason being, Google declares, 65% of people are visually responsive; 90% of the information that goes to the brain is visual. Furthermore, our brain processes visual information many times faster than text.

So, there you go. Isn’t it convincing enough to find a video editing firm?

Should I Choose an Agency Over A Person?

In the world of freelancing and working from home (WFH), it is hard to choose an agency over a person. Both individuals and agencies are bidding on platforms like Freelancer and Upwork to land a project. Therefore, the question itself is difficult to answer in the first place. Anyone with good ratings can easily be suitable.

The best-animated video maker is often hard to find. VidBuilders furnishes the expertise to bring such videos to life. It is just a start because their portfolio is full of extraordinary results. In brief, they remove the element of doubt, becoming your go-to video editing agency.

Why Outsourcing Video Editing Is a Better Option?

When you outsource video editing, you are trusting job experts. Truth be told, an immature’s working quality cannot be compared with an expert’s. If you say that tutorials are a blessing for you. It still does not make you a professional video editor.

Video editing services focus on the target audience and create content accordingly. They have some tricks that make their work interesting and eloquent.

Whether you’re a business, YouTuber, or a content creator, outsourcing saves your efforts, gives you professional outcomes, and most importantly, maximizes your video performance.

So, now, don’t you think outsourcing is an appropriate option?


Do we need video editing in the first place? Yes, we do. The reason for this hassle is to convey messages professionally. In an era dominated by smartphones, it is not difficult to record footage. However, footages that send the right message are what we want. That is where some of our seasoned video editing experts come in.

In the name of creativity and delivery, it is high time to trust paid animated video makers over video editing software. You may agree to disagree. But we are merely stating our opinion; it is our argument too.

What about you? Do you think videos are good for business? Do you think it is possible to create a perfect video?

We would love to hear your thoughts. To read more on how to build visuals that matter, take a look at this blog post: How VidBuilders helps you build eloquent visuals?